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    Chat Research

    November 22, 2014 by SFearTP

    I've done a bit of research into the chat system, including going through to see which messages are sent to whom.

    There are a total of 61 chat presets (only 60 visible to the sender during gameplay, as the "Attack the [your tank color here]" message is removed from sight after the game loads fully). There are 35 team only messages---11 global and 24 local. There are 26 "ALL" messages (sent to teammates and non-teammates alike)---16 global and 10 local.

    First, here is the list of the chat exactly in the same order as in the game:

    1. Attack the red
    2. Attack the purple
    3. Attack the blue
    4. Attack the orange
    5. Base is here
    6. Be right back
    7. Blow up mines
    8. Build bridge
    9. Buzz off! *
    10. BYE
    11. Check the bulletin board.
    12. Come get me!
    13. Congrats
    14. Do your worst!
    15. Don't cry.
    16. Don't follow me!
    17. Enemy …

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    Sprites (Graphics) Tutorial

    October 30, 2014 by SFearTP

    In editing some sprite sheets myself, I've had to figure out a lot of things about how the game uses the sprite sheets so that I could edit them correctly. Otherwise, even if in the sprite sheet it looks nice, it will not look nice in the game. So I've decided to document what I know in some tutorials to hopefully help others so they can more easily make new and exciting sprites for the game!

    First, download the file from the TankPit website here . You need to make sure you have an editing software that can handle transparencies. If you don't already have one, and would like a free one, GIMP works well (I do all my editing in GIMP; I also give a bit of advice for GIMP users at the end of this tutorial).

    Think of something you'd l…

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    Action: Keys

    • Shoot:  SPACE
    • Top 10:  T AND  key122 (F11)
    • Top 10 Red:  R
    • Top 10 Purple:  P
    • Top 10 Blue:  B
    • Top 10 Orange:  O
    • Active Players:  key191 (/? key)
    • Statistics:  C
    • Inventory:  I
    • Quit:  Q AND  key115 (F4)
    • Help:  H
    • Nearest Enemy:  E AND key120 (F9)
    • Open Map:  F
    • Active Forces:  X AND  key123 (F12)
    • Toggle Sound:  L
    • Toggle Armor Shields:  NUM1 AND  key97 (1 on the numeric keypad with num lock ON)
    • Toggle Dual Shots:  NUM2 AND  key98 (2 on the numeric keypad with num lock ON)
    • Toggle Missile Shots:  NUM3 AND  key99 (3 on the numeric keypad with num lock ON)
    • Toggle Homing Shots:  NUM4 AND  key100 (4 on the numeric keypad with num lock ON)
    • Toggle Extra Radars:  NUM5 AND  key101 (5 on the numeric keypad with num lock ON)
    • Show/Hide Tips:  M
    • Show/Hide Chat:  Z
    • Show Next Tip:  …
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  • SFearTP
    • There have been over 22 thousand tanks created in TankPit (22,219 last I checked, to be exact), according to the profile ID system. This includes previous tanks which have been deleted. This is not the number of accounts, but the number of tanks.
    • If you find an ID number that shows "Tank not found." when you try to view the profile, that is a deleted tank's profile.
    • All tanks from id=1 to id=499 are no longer around (some deleted, I guess, and some never existing in the first place).
    • TankPit HQ is the oldest current tank, with id=500. Eva Is Back is second oldest with id=501.
    • red-1 (with a gold trophy) is the oldest deleted tank with id=1.
    • id=1 through id=9 are red-1 through red-9. 10 - 18 are purple-*. 19 - 27 are blue-*. And 28 - 36 are orang…
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    This may be a somewhat boring topic for some. It was sure boring research, although I needed it for an idea I have, so why not share what I've learned? :P

    • Map size is 254x254 tiles; so 64,516 tiles. If you include the border then 256x256; so 65,536 tiles.
    • One screen is 16x16 (so 256) tiles. (I know I'm using "so" too much, but I'm tired and just can't think of a simpler way to explain things. xD)
    • If you divide the map into screen-sized sections then there are 256 screens in a map.
    • The reason the map (in map view) seems wider than it is high (even though it has the same number of tiles on both its y axis and x axis) is because... it is! ;-P  Each tile (in map view) is 2 pixels high and 3 pixels wide (that is, at 100% of original game size, of c…
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