• There have been over 22 thousand tanks created in TankPit (22,219 last I checked, to be exact), according to the profile ID system. This includes previous tanks which have been deleted. This is not the number of accounts, but the number of tanks.
  • If you find an ID number that shows "Tank not found." when you try to view the profile, that is a deleted tank's profile.
  • All tanks from id=1 to id=499 are no longer around (some deleted, I guess, and some never existing in the first place).
  • TankPit HQ is the oldest current tank, with id=500. Eva Is Back is second oldest with id=501.
  • red-1 (with a gold trophy) is the oldest deleted tank with id=1.
  • id=1 through id=9 are red-1 through red-9. 10 - 18 are purple-*. 19 - 27 are blue-*. And 28 - 36 are orange-*.
  • It appears that the first tanks to acquire trophies were red-1 (gold), red-2 (silver), and purple-1 (bronze).
  • id=37 through id=499 are "None." just blank, so it appears that there were no tanks created for those numbers; they were just put there to bring the number to 500 for the real players (apparently).
  • The bulletin board started January 4, 2012 (see here).
  • Bulletin board is empty (went down) from May 6, 2012 to October 24, 2012.
  • The "Created:" section on the profile only shows back to October 2012, even if the account was created before this.
  • The "Bulletin Board Posts" section of the profile only shows posts AFTER October 24, 2012.

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